We post news, blogs, pics, and events here.


We post news, blogs, pics, and events here.


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When it comes to finding information on what is going on in Mesquite, Nevada, something has been missing: an intersection for all things Mesquite. This is why we created EverythingMesquite.com, an online platform designed to support a real-life community. We have worked to become that intersection for our city as a reliable place where locals and visitors alike can go to find information on local businesses and happenings. If you are on the hunt for a restaurant to eat at, a local concert, or to get a better feel for what is going on in this community, EverythingMesquite.com is the answer to all of your questions.

In this day and age, no place should be without an online hub that brings people together, especially in a community with as much going on as Mesquite. With our innovations on how we share information on Mesquite, we are well on our way to becoming the premiere database for our city. We’re not done yet either; maybe the best part is over time our user-friendly site will continue to grow and our database will continue to get smarter. What we have created is a powerful and intentional resource that for years to come will work to connect the people living in and visiting our city with the information on what our city is all about. Thank you for being a part of EverythingMesquite.com!

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